What to Expect

At Grace Perth we understand that coming to church for the first time or visiting a different church for the very first time can be a situation that many people will find stressful.

In many cases we do not know what to expect because we are in an unfamiliar environment. On a first visit we might experience anxiety, worry or stress because we do not know what is expected of us.

Obviously at this particular moment in time with Covid lockdown restrictions church has changed and is changing but hopefully the following remarks may help.


The Gleneagles day Opportunity Centre on Gleneagles Road, Perth. This is a large building on one floor which has good wheelchair access.

When you come to Grace Perth you will find that we have no dress code. Some choose to dress formally “suited and booted” whilst others are more relaxed and choose more informal clothing.

Our Worship service at Grace goes along the line of …..


We love to sing praises to our God at Grace Perth choosing from a mixture of old hymns and newer hymns and songs. At this particular moment of time with the Covid restrictions in place this is currently limited but we play music with the words projected onto a screen so we can meditate and reflect on the biblical truths being expressed


At Grace Perth God’s Word is central to our worship. We read from God’s Word usually twice in the service but this can vary.


Part of our worship is to pray and we take time to pray in our service. Prayer shows our dependence upon God.


We spend a few moments in our service teaching basic biblical truths which are aimed at the children but also the young at heart among us. This time we call Grace Kidz- this is usually a very visual and interactive time for the kidz of Grace.


The preaching of God's Word is central to our worship service. On a Sunday the passage that is preached upon is explained, illustrated and applied by our pastor. We are systematically going through books of the Bible.


Pre-Covid restrictions we would have met for a coffee and a chat after the service but obviously at this particular moment in time, this isn't available to us. We do pray and hope that we will be able to return to this in the very near future